We Use the Latest RFID Technology

Latest RFID laundry Technology

The logistics of keeping track of linen between accommodation providers and commercial dry cleaning providers & laundries has historically been a time consuming and costly exercise, which is why Rotorua Dry Cleaners has adopted the perfect solution in the form of RFID technology. An RFID chip is a short range electronic ‘tag that allows forward thinking businesses to streamline their inventory management systems; saving time and money. RFID technology allows full control of the rotation of stock removing all need for manual counting; they have long been used in such items as passports, Oyster cards, anti-theft tags and animal micro chipping.

As each inventory item is uniquely ‘tagged’ via the waterproof RFID chip, accommodation providers can track each item, pinpointing where issues and losses may be occuring within the service chain, be it stock hoarding, inadequate linen rotation or the odd guest ‘liberating’ bathrobes and towels from their rooms. It is estimated that between 15 – 20% of stock is lost through gaps in service chain management and Rotorua Dry Cleaners new RFID technology can help eliminate that lost investment. RFID also assists with product quality and guest experience, making it possible to monitor the number of washes & life history of each separate item.