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Curtains & Drapes

Curtains are often one of the least maintained piece of furnishing in the home. Your curtains will hang, year on year absorbing household odours and dust, which is when most households will contemplate simply ‘throwing them out’. Here at Rotorua Dry Cleaners, our curtain cleaning and drape cleaning service can give most curtains a much needed refresh and a new lease of life.

Cleaning your curtains and drapes will result in a brighter, fresher looking room. Any discrete stains will be individually treated prior to the main cleaning process and any particularly odorous contaminents, such as smoke, pet odours or kitchen grease can be deodorized as part of the curtain cleaning service.

Mould is a common problem with curtains and drapes and a particularly difficult issue to treat. Results may vary, depending on the curtain material and types of dyes, but rest assured, our curtain cleaning service will achieve the best results, subject to those factors. Contact our specialist team for the best curtain cleaning and drape cleaning advice in Rotorua.

We Love Our Customer Feedback

“You can always count on good old fashioned customer service with a smile from these guys, I love it that they always remember me by name each time I come into the shop keep up the great work team”

“The previous owners of the house we just brought were heavy smokers and the curtains had absorbed a lot of smoke smell. We took the curtains into Rotorua Drycleaners to be cleaned. They now smell completely smoke free and look lovely and clean, a much cheaper option for us than buying a complete house lot of curtains.”

Curtain Cleaning Considerations

  • – Curtain cleaning can result in a degree of shrinkage. Curtains may require re-hemming.
  • – Mould is a very difficult stain to treat. Results may vary depending on the material.
  • – Curtains, thermal backings & linings affected by UV rays may be too fragile to clean.
  • – Curtains require careful hanging in order to dry correctly. We use purpose built facilities.
  • – Stains require specific treatments and careful handling so not to degrade the material.
  • – Our experience team always inspect your curtains for damage prior to cleaning.
  • – Once cleaned, regular maintenance will extend the life of your curtains & drapes.
  • – Talk to our experienced team for post clean maintenance advice.

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