Rotorua Smoke Smell Removal Services

Fire & Smoke Smell Removal

Smoke. A collection of airborne solid and liquid particulates and gases emitted when a material undergoes combustion. Whether you’ve decided to give up smoking and want to refresh your home and clothes, or if you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience a property fire, you’ll want the experienced team at Rotorua Dry Cleaners to help with smell removal and to refresh your possessions. We can also handle large scale loads for commercial or kitchen fires. Smoke damaged clothing should be cleaned as quickly as practical. For expert smell removal, just contact our experienced Rotorua team to arrange decontamination of your smoke damaged furnishings and clothing.

We Love Our Customer Feedback

“Very nice people providing exceptional service. Professional and very friendly and so much more accessible in your new building with the free parking right outside.”

“I have been a Rotorua Dry Cleaners customer for many years now. They do a GREAT job! They are very friendly, courteous and professional. I definitely recommend them to everyone. If you haven’t tried them… you should! Thanks Rotorua Drycleaners for many years of great service!”

Rotorua Smoke Decontamination

Smoke contaminated laundry and furnishings usually requires a ‘deeper’ and more specialist wash compared to a standard domestic wash, together with specialist smell removal treatments. Smoke is a very penetrating medium. Soot particles, acidic fumes and a myriad of other contaminants all need to be removed. Clothing then often requires specialist ozone decontamination, depending on the severity and type of fire. Don’t forget to check your smoke alarms; most domestic fires can be managed if the alarm is raised. Visit the NZ Fire Service Website for more advice.

  • – Full refresh Vs repair costings estimate.
  • – Prioritisation of essential garments.
  • – Removal of smoke odour.
  • – Removal of acidic soot residues.
  • – Removal of other non-volatile residues.
  • – We can treat clothing, bedding, drapes, furnishings.


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