Shower Proof Clothing

Shower Proof Clothing

Over time you may notice that your jackets, coats and skiwear no longer seem to repel water like they used to. Rotorua Dry Cleaners can shower proof a wide range of clothing, rejuvenating their water repellent properties, thus extending the life of your much loved garments. A simple shower proof clothing treatment could make the difference between a warm, dry and ‘toasty’ day on the slopes or a wet, damp, cold, miserable day in the snow.

Autumn is the perfect time to treat your clothing in readiness for our glorious New Zealand winters. It’s not just recreational clothing that you want to consider treating. Stay dry on a wet commute to work with shower proof clothing that really works, especially after the high winter winds have long claimed your umbrella. Call the Rotorua Dry Cleaners team and get your water repellent layer in place.

We Love Our Customer Feedback

“It wasn’t until a friend told me she takes her ski wear into Rotorua Drycleaners to get re-waterproofed that I even realised this was a service or a possibility. Such a find to know about and use this service. Now I can get more life out of my winter jackets and my skiwear”

“You can always count on good old fashioned customer service with a smile from these guys, I love it that they always remember me by name each time I come into the shop keep up the great work team”

Stay Warm, Dry  & Happy This Winter

  • – Rejuvenate ski clothing
  • – Keep tramping clothing & backpacks in shape
  • – Shower proof your winter hats
  • – Winter jackets and coats that keep you dry
  • – Stay dry on the roads with shower proofed cycle clothing
  • – Keep the kids warm & dry with treated school clothing and sports kit
  • – Shower proof your bags and luggage. 
  • – Don’t forget the footwear, scarves and gloves

So why do I need to refresh the water repellent properties of my jacket? Clothing with Durable Water Repellency (DWR) properties, like any clothing will age and the DWR properties will change over time. Regular wear and tear, plus exposure to dirt, detergents and other impurities can shorten the lifespan of the DWR treatment.

You will notice that where previously your jacket would easily repel moisture and light rain, the material will instead start ‘wetting’. These are early indications that moisture is penetrating your water repellent layer. When you notice this fabric ‘wetting’ contact the Rotorua Dry Cleaners team to organise re-treatment, making your shower proof clothing properties as good as when you first wore it.


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