Specialist Leather & Suede Cleaning Services

Leather & Suede Cleaning

There is something special about a traditional leather or suede leather jacket. Not only are leather garments often the most striking and treasured item in your wardrobe, they can also be the ‘trickiest’ to clean. That’s why it makes sense to trust your precious item to the leather & suede cleaning experts at Rotorua Dry Cleaners. We help you to maintain your leather garment to the highest standard, so it retains it’s comfort and durability and continues to look as great as the day you bought it.

Be it a comfortable leather jacket, comfortable suede shoes, your weekend motorcycle leathers or those treasured leather jeans, our leather & suede cleaning team will keep your wardrobe looking how it should.

Contact our team to discuss how we can help re-rejuvenate your leatherware today.

We Love Our Customer Feedback

“I’m really impressed with the cleaning of my leather jacket it’s like new again- I didn’t realise how dirty it was until I picked it up from you!”

“Fantastic service for leather jacket cleaning! I was really impressed with the quality of the clean of my jacket.”

Ongoing Leather & Suede Care

After an expert suede cleaning service from the team at Rotorua Dry Cleaners, you’ll want to keep your suede garments in great condition. A good suede brush is essential if you wish to keep your suede and nubuck in prime condition. A suede brush will help remove dust and dirt trapped within the fine fibres (call ‘nap’) keeping your garments looking fresh and smooth. A Suede brush can also be effective in removing marks and scuffs.

Traditional leather-ware, such as the ubiquitous motorcycle jacket requires a different level of care. Once Rotorua Dry Cleaners meticulous leather cleaning service has cleaned cleaned your leather garment, such as a leather jacket, ensure that you maintain your garment. Ensuring it’s water resistant. You may occasionally wish to apply leather conditioner, restoring essential oils to the leather thus preventing drying and cracking. Leather responds well to regular cleaning to reduce the detrimental effects on contaminants.

Rotorua Leather & Suede Cleaning


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